GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System
  GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Tracking System can provide notification of the position and route of a vehicle or package.
This Tracking System is designed to perform remote tracking of mobile objects by receiving GPS navigation data via GSM network (possible to use “Globalstar” satellite network or ground-based radio systems VHF and UHF upon customer’s request).
The Tracking System set consists of GSM-Registrator, receiving equipment and special Software. 
Features of the GSM-Registrator:
  • Supersensitive navigator of the third generation
  • Internal Flash-memory for collecting navigation logs
  • USB-connector for high-speed data transfer
  • Internal power supply
  • Compatible with power supplies of various voltage (vehicle power supplies, air-plane power supplies etc.)
  • Ultra-compact design including GPS and GSM antennas
  • Water and dust proof case with easy mounting on different objects
  • Flexible power supply control for maximum battery life


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